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Leading Your Team to Achieve Positive Patient Outcomes Coupon

[25% Off] Leading Your Team to Achieve Positive Patient Outcomes Course Coupon

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Maintaining Balance as a Healthcare Leader.

4.5 hr
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It is hard as leaders to maintain balance while still providing positive patient outcomes. This course is for leaders in the health care industry that wants to improve their leadership skills or executive that need tools to grow their leaders. . This includes Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), Home health companies, Biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical centers, and any facility that takes care of patients or provide tools or equipment for patients. This includes:

1. Healthcare company executives or HR personal looking for tools to develop their leaders.

2. Any team member in a leadership role: a lead, a supervisor, a manager, and a director looking to improve their leadership skills.

3. Aspiring leaders proactively looking to improve their leadership skills.

Maintaining balance as healthcare leaders while still producing positive patient outcomes can be challenging. It needs a great team that clearly understands the expectations, and a leader who can effectively chart the course. This course is a four-part module, where we will discuss tools and strategies for leaders to develop a high performing team, while achieving positive patient outcomes and meeting their performance indicators. Come with an open mind, my objective is for us to really have a clear picture on ways we can deliver higher results and great patient outcomes together with our teams. We will discuss what a great team looks like and discuss strategies to build and maintain a high performing team. As a leader, it starts with you, if we can’t lead yourselves then it’s hard to lead others, we really can’t give what we don’t have. My hope if that at the end we will also be self-aware leaders that have mastered ourselves and our triggers, while still focusing on tools to deliver quality care to our patients and increase patients’ satisfaction.

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