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All my Secrets and years of experience revealed!
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Sabine Fontaine
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[100% Off] Get the Job as a Team Leader in 5 Steps with 0 experience! Udemy Coupon

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Have you already applied to become a team leader and failed?

or maybe you haven’t applied yet because you think that your lack of experience is going to work against you; or that your lack of management qualifications would disqualify you; or that you have no real experience as a team leader, so you won’t be successful.

How would you feel if you were confidently applying to a team leader role with the inner knowing that you have what it takes?

True story: I used to be an introvert, but my dream was to be a team leader. I was already helping my colleagues and I was the best in my department, so I naively thought I would get the job. I applied…and failed.

i felt discouraged and lost as I had no clue what or how I could improve. But after a while, I asked my management for some feedback and designed a plan. I realised I had to raise my game and I knew where to focus my attention. I felt empowered and I was determined.

I got the job and the rest is history as they say.

Proudly introducing How to get hired as a team leader with zero experience.

At the end of the course, you will have learned:

– how to optimise your CV so it gets screened

– how to fully prep for the interview / rounds

– the type of inner attitude you need to project and how to achieve it

You will have transitioned from a contributor to a team leader. You will have raised your game and by doing so, you will be way above competition.

So, if you are committed to implementing my winning strategy, don’t delay your dream any longer and let’s start!

Instructors: Sabine Fontaine

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