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Practical Leadership Skills for Career Success
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Russell Potter
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[100% Off] Leadership for New Managers | for Career & Confidence Udemy Coupon

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Leadership confidence comes through knowing and applying clear leadership frameworks consistently. This in-turn brings career success.

In this course, learn the management and leadership frameworks Used by Google, Facebook, McKinsey and other great organizations, large and small.

You will learn cutting edge leadership methods including:

  • Situational Leadership

  • Transformational Leadership

  • The 3 Pillars of Brilliant Leadership

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Power

  • How to influence employees (Neuroscience and Psychology)

The course is designed for managers at all levels to feel more confident as leaders.

Leaders are not born, it is not an art, and certainly not ego.

Leadership confidence comes through knowing and applying clear frameworks of leadership consistently.

All of the methods are learnable skillsets that must be learned and applied consistently to create a company culture that supports success, happiness, and high-performance.  In this course, you will learn and master those skill sets in a way that is usable for any organization or team.

I will bring my 20 years of leadership development and management expertise for multinational brands to you in this certified course.

Remember that leaders are not born, leadership is a learnable skillset.   

Join us, Get Certified! | Invest in your career now.

The lessons are practical with breakthrough exercises that will significantly impact your career.

Instructors: Russell Potter

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