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Leadership Excellence - Insights, Models and Application Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Leadership Excellence - Insights, Models and Application Course Coupon

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Practical Leadership Models, Concepts, Tools and Insights to take your Leadership Skills to the next level

5.0 hr
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This course on Leadership Excellence will give a detailed understanding of the Concepts, Models, Tools and their application for any individual to be successful in a leadership position.

This course will Introduce you to the practical application of various leadership concepts at the workplace and will help you choose the right leadership style while managing people. It will introduce you to the common mistakes that managers and leaders make and how to avoid them.

The course will clarify the Difference between a Manager and a Leader and how one can transition from a being a Manager to being an effective leader.

Models such as the Leadership Grid, Action Centered leadership, Golden circle, the 5 levels Model by maxwell, Transactional, Transformation and Servant Style, will be covered along with various other inputs.

Throughout the course, you will come across several interesting insights that will help you in refining your leadership approach. I have tried to keep the content absolutely simple and straightforward and have explained everything in a very simple language. I have tried to highlight the practical aspects so that it helps you understand the application of every concept, theory or model at your workplace.

Course content includes:

- The need for Leadership skill

- Competence of a Leader

- Evolution of the Leadership approach over the years

- Becoming a New Age Leader

- Leader’s approach for achieving performance: 3P model

- Grid Model of Leadership

- Action Centered Leadership

- Concept of Skill-Will for performance

- Golden Circle model by Simon Sinek

- Five Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

- Transactional and Transformational Leadership

- Servant Leadership and its application

- Accountability, Responsibility and Authority

- Leadership Styles- Autocratic, Democratic, Delegative Style

- Importance of Empowerment

- Coaching: GROW Model

- Feedback Guidelines

- Difference between Manager and Leader

- Traits and Characteristics of effective leaders

The course will give you various practical insights, tips and guidelines to enhance your leadership skill.

Enroll to this course on Leadership skills and embark on the journey towards being a world class leader.

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