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Lead Generation - How to write cold emails that sell Coupon

[40% Off] Lead Generation - How to write cold emails that sell Course Coupon

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Email is an effective way to make contact, if you do your homework before hitting "send".

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Considering that the average office professional receives 120 new emails per day, it’s no wonder it’s a challenge to get your emails read.

Imagine someone receiving a cold email from you. Why would they open it? They have no idea who you are, what you do, so why should they care about what you’re offering?

This doesn't mean you should completely forget about emailing prospective customers. Email remains one of the best ways to communicate and interact with your audience. It’s just that the days of spray-and-pray email are over. Instead, you need to update your approach to cold emailing -- and converting -- by taking the steps I’m teaching in this class.

What we’ll cover in this class:

  1. Planning your cold email outreach

  2. Step by step writing cold emails with examples

  3. 14 tips that increase conversions

  4. How to get free copywriting lessons

  5. BONUS: High level strategy for cold emails

What you’ll learn:

  • This class will teach you how to write effective cold emails which will result in connecting with prospecting clients via cold email marketing and set meetings with people you’ve never spoken with before!

  • After this course, you will know the MOST EFFECTIVE cold-email formula that will result in replies!

  • Techniques on writing persuasive cold emails that will get them opened and convert into sales

  • Use proven cold email copywriting techniques that sell. Understand why some cold emails work and why others fail will save you the heartbreak of winging it and failing.

  • Avoid rookie mistakes that turn cold email into a “Prospect Repellent” or Marks you as a “Spammer”

  • Learn 14 response-boosting cold email techniques

  • Get free copywriting lessons that you can implement in your cold email marketing.

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