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Your new path in healthcare starts today! Stop settling for less and get the career you always wanted and deserve.

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From the creator of the highly-rated, bestselling Medical Writing for Healthcare Professionals course!!

Do you feel stuck in your healthcare career? Worked hard in school to make a difference but now feel like you’re in the daily grind?

Are you in school to become a healthcare worker and wondering what other opportunities are out there?

Are you looking for a change of pace, to do something different or exciting, or finally land that job you always dreamed of having?

This course is for you!

I’ll show you from start to finish how to go about finding, preparing for, and landing that dream job.

This includes jobs in new locations, even overseas, in non-traditional fields, and traditional fields but in a new specialty or that are lower stress and leave you with more time and energy to spend on yourself and with your family.

We’ll look at these major areas:

Introduction: In this part, we’ll dig into what you really want out of your career and personal life, how to look at finances in new ways so you can be better prepared financially to make the jump, and explore work arrangements that go beyond the stereotypical Full-Time or Freelance conversation.

Where to find new opportunities: The job search is critical - if you don't know the job exists, so you can't get - yet so many people have the wrong strategy.We’ll dig in-depth into the numerous, hidden places where jobs can be found that few people know about. We’ll look at how to search widely-used job sites more effectively so you can find opportunities you never knew existed.

Building your skills: If you want a job in a new area, and especially if you want could be considered a non-traditional role, you’ll want to start looking at ways to build skills that will translate well to those jobs.

In this section, we’ll cover things like graduate degrees, including degrees that go well with a clinical degree and how to pick your school; certificate programs that companies want and can be completely 100% online; how to build experience, even if you aren’t in the job yet; and free programs you can get started on today.

Developing your online presence: Too many people waste too much time doing the wrong things online, which don’t translate to real opportunities. We’ll step past the online game for more ‘likes,’ ‘connections,’ etc., and look at how to use the internet to make you shine in your field and have recruiters come to you.

Landing the job: The last step in making the jump to your new dream job is landing it. We’ll look at the basics of resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. You'll also get templates to create your new resume and cover letter!

This course is deal for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and more!

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