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Know Yourself Much Better: Cues From Friedrich Nietzsche Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Know Yourself Much Better: Cues From Friedrich Nietzsche Course Coupon

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A practical guide to discover yourself and unleash your potential with ideas from Friedrich Nietzsche and his philosophy

1.0 hr
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Knowing yourself is a journey. A discovery about who you are as a person. The real YOU. This journey of self-discovery is unpredictable. You must face your vulnerabilities, insecurities, and even deepest fears. And why is this important?

Aristotle answers. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Gaining mastery over others could be perceived to be a strength. But gaining mastery over yourself is true power. People who have realized this simple but profound fact have gone on to achieve great things in life. If you discover who you are, you are truly rich in every sense.

This course is a sincere attempt to help you take that first step in self-discovery and unleash your potential. To do this, I resort to the ideas and quotes of Friedrich Nietzsche, the 19th-century German philosopher with a brilliant mind. Though his ideas were provocative on many subjects, he focused on why we categorize some things as' good' and others 'evil', how we form judgments, and ultimately how we can transcend such categories to fulfill our true potential and become the best possible version of ourselves.

The beauty of Nietzsche is that we cannot confine him to a particular ideology. We can place his thoughts on a wide intellectual spectrum. Theists might strongly disagree with him on certain aspects, but they could strongly agree with him too on some of his other ideas. He gives us thought templates that we can use to address the problems of living in a pluralistic society. So why not learn those ideas and improve our lives.

You can condemn Nietzsche. You can criticize Nietzsche. But you can never ignore Nietzsche.

After analyzing a lot of online courses on Philosophy and self-development, I noticed a recurring pain point. Learners unanimously feel that there is too much emphasis on theory and that one cannot apply this theory to his/her daily life.

I have crafted the course carefully considering this pain point. I have worked really hard to make the course engaging and interesting. If you follow the course diligently, I am confident that you will definitely learn more about yourself. If that happens, I will consider my mission accomplished.

Some topics that I have covered in this course include

  • Nietzsche, his life, main works, main ideas, and famous quotes

  • 3 ways to accept life and find meaning in life

  • 3 Metamorphoses to help your self-discovery

  • 3 ways to embrace solitude

  • How to get out of herd morality

  • How to balance the two sides of your life to achieve harmonious totality

  • Nietzsche’s formula for happiness

  • Gain control of your own destiny

  • How to embrace greatness

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

  • How to love your fate and transition out of life’s wilderness

  • Accept that growth is sometimes a painful process

  • Accept and acknowledge envy

And many more…

Check the course curriculum for exact details.

I created this content from a wide variety of courses including books written by Nietzsche, on Nietzsche, YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts. I hope it adds value to your learning and opens up your mind.

Please note that this is just the beginning. I will continue to add videos and course modules to the course on a regular basis. This course will continue to grow organically.

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