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Knife fighting basics training level 3 drill with partner Coupon
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[82% Off] Knife fighting basics training level 3 drill with partner Course Coupon

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Knife and dagger and cutlass basics training for protect and fighting level 3 with training assistant

1.5 hr
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knife close-up  with a wide range of abilities in various activities  Including a weapon that can be used to defend yourself in close range as well.  And it is very convenient to carry with you.  If we had learned how to use a combat knife for self-defense, that would be great.  because in addition to being prepared for emergency situations  It can also be used to exercise to strengthen your health as well as to strengthen your concentration and focus on movement as well.

In the training part of this third level  It will be a pair of training with an assistant in order to understand the distance and the way, the timing and the opportunity to act in order to prevent and suppress the incident.  It uses the main attacks that can be seen in general.  There was a stabbing attack with a knife in the stomach or midsection.  Slashing or hitting in an oblique direction from the top and backhand flicks  These three are most commonly seen in knife attacks.

By practicing in this section, we will focus on usability.  To respond specifically after we have passed the first level of training.  to pose for preparation  for escaping  and prepare ready position and in the second level for building a movement for slashing, slashing and returning to defense in a timely manner.  and the location of the knife  is the number eight  To make it easy, but change the direction of the blade to attack back.

In this course will help the use of knives.  to protect and suppress the incident from the perpetrators  more efficiently to protect your loved ones

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