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JourneyApps Training - Advanced Topics - Part 2 Coupon

[100% Off] JourneyApps Training - Advanced Topics - Part 2 Free Course Coupon

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Part 2 of the JourneyApps platform advanced topics and enhance your knowledge of the JourneyApps platform

1.0 hr
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Building apps with low-code/no-code quickly becomes unwieldy and slow when app complexity increases. Pro-code is often too slow and expensive. That’s why JourneyApps created an entirely new breed of app development platform: Ultra high-productivity, yet code-centric.

JourneyApps offers a groundbreaking new paradigm of app development: The high-productivity benefits of a low-code platform, with the full power and flexibility of code as a first-class citizen. Small teams of software engineers are supercharged by JourneyApps to conquer the app backlog.

In this JourneyApps Training - Advanced Topics - Part 2 course you'll learn more detail and enhance your development experience on Oxide as well as JourneyApps as a whole.

This course is intended for those who have never developed an app on the JourneyApps platform or for those who have but would like to use this as a reference for future development.

We'll start by covering the basics of the platform, Oxide (JourneyApps IDE), how to works, and how to create an app. After this, we'll look at data modeling and how to set up deployments. We'll then look at the backend of the app deployments. Once we understand this we will work with the data and build out views in the application.

This course will be lead by Michael Barnes and Tielman Le Roux who are both Customer Success Managers at JourneyApps.

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