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JN0-102 Junos, Associate (JNCIA) Certified Practice Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions

Q) Which statement is correct in relation to traffic except on Junos devices?

a) The limiter built -in for traffic exception is configured.

b) The Junos operating system is equipped with a speed limiter for traffic exception.

c) The Junos operating system does not provide for the control of traffic congestion except sent to the RE.

d) All traffic except for the RE is sent via the link out-of-band.

Q) What command would initiate a loopback on a Gigabit Ethernet interface ge-0/0/0?

a) # Set interface ge-0/0/0 0 loopback units

b) # SET interfaces ge-0/0/0 GigEther-options loopback

c) > Set interface ge-0/0/0 loopback

d) > Loopback ge-0/0/0

Q) Which two statements are correct about the routing table inet.0? (Pick one.)

a) Stores information learned by routing protocols and other sources.

b) It 'used to populate the forwarding policy.

c) It 'used to populate the forwarding table.

d) It 'used to populate the Ethernet switching table.

Q) We suspect a duplicate MAC address on a subnet. You want to view the MAC errors and statistics interface ge-0/0/0. What command will accomplish this task?

a) show arp

b) shows Ethernet switching table

c) show ge-0/0/0 interface wide

d) Interface laconic show

Q) It recently uploaded a new software package for the Junos device and you want to make sure that the file uploaded successfully to check the file size. In this scenario, the command should you use?

a) coding files show

b) compare files

c) SHA1 checksum files

d) detailed list of files

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