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JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON Coupon

[82% Off] JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON Course Coupon

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JavaScript projects explore JavaScript to connect to APIs retrieve JSON data with AJAX use it within your web page

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Full Stack JavaScript coding course - build your own Java Script Projects with Vanilla JavaScript and DOM interaction.

One of the MOST common questions I get is using AJAX making requests to the server and returning JSON data outputting it to a web Page.  Here it is THE MOST asked for course content with over 30 Projects to build your skills with AJAX and JavaScript DOM manipulation.  This is a unique course loaded with modern JavaScript content - coding examples and challenges in almost every lesson!!!  Also includes a 100+ Page PDF AJAX JavaScript Guide.

Perfect to do over 30 days or faster.  Fun unique projects that will AMAZE you and help you learn updating skills with AJAX.   Explore how YOU can create Dynamic and Interactive Web content with data loaded from an API.

Please note this is a fast paced course with prerequisites - it demonstrates how to use and apply JavaScript to connect with various endpoints, make requests and return JSON formatted data demonstrated in interactive fun projects.  Prior coding experience is required as lessons focus on applying necessary JavaScript functions to create interactions and dynamic content.  There will be a focus on DOM based coding and use of JSON and JavaScript Objects. 

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of Web Development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript. 

  1. Create a dynamic list JSON LocalStorage List - project #1 Create an interactive List that gets JSON data from a json file and generates a list. Using JavaScript create page elements, add event listeners for user interactive content. Store JSON data as a string to local storage and load JSON list as a JavaScript Object on Page load. Create a dynamic list for users to add and remove list items, check list items off as completed.

  2. Create AJAX to Simple JSON file and get JSON with JavaScript - project #2 Practice coding creates AJAX requests to local JSON files - Create a JSON file valid JSON to JavaScript Object. Load local JSON file data and use it with JavaScript to create page content. Add user event listener to trigger AJAX request using JavaScript Fetch method.

  3. AJAX to get JSON data from Wiki API - project #3 Using JavaScript Connect to an API endpoint get Wiki Data and update JavaScript create and update Page content with JSON data. JSON data from wikipedia API - using modern javascript fetch make a request to the wikipedia endpoint - return response JSON. Custom request parameters from user input field. Generate page content using JavaScript DOM.

  4. JSON from WikiMap API examples with JavaScript Code - project #4 Explore how to connect to WikiMap API to get JSON data to update and manipulate page contents using JavaScript. Coding example of practice project to learn more and explore more about connecting to APIs and how to use JavaScript Fetch to get JSON data and output to the web pages.

  5. Multiple Endpoint Loading JSON data Tester - project #5 Explore connecting to various JSON endpoints - test JSON data to Page content with JavaScript. Using interactive JavaScript web pages to select and make AJAX requests to various endpoints and outputting the JSON data as content to web pages.

  6. Generate Random User Data Output to Page AJAX and JS Random User API 5 - project #6 Create an interactive Dynamic application that connects to random user API generates pages content depending on user selection. Fully interactive web application using AJAX requests from user page selections - get JSON data and output to yoru web pages with JavaScript Code. Fetch request methods - use of interactive coding to API and customizing the request parameters and request URL from HTML input fields on the webpage.

  7. Weather Data App with API JSON data - project #7 Connecting to a weather API to output data with user input values. Create custom query requests to get back JSON data to use on your webpage. AJAX to weather endpoint with page element creation using JavaScript.

  8. Jokes API get fun Jokes for Web Page Content - project #8 Connect to the Chuck Norris open Joke API - get Jokes - Get Category list - return joke data from user selected categories and more. User interactive Dynamic content with JavaScript AJAX requests.

  9. Interactive App with Star Wars Data - project #9 Create a fully interactive web application that dynamically loads Star Wars data from an Open API source. Return JSON data and output the data object with JavaScript to your webpage.

  10. Dynamic Data driven Trivia DataBase Game - project #10 Create a fully functional Trivia game, track game progress, let the user select the number of questions, difficulty and category. Load the data from a JSON endpoint. Output page contents from JSON data. Users can interact and make selections and JavaScript makes the AJAX requests to load requested data for the user. Game functions adding gameplay with scoring and ability to play unlimited rounds of Trivia Questions all dynamically loaded with AJAX.

  11. Stackexchange API tester Request JSON - project #11 Massive API loaded with data and request URL - perfect to practice and get more familiar with complex JSON data - multiple routes for request URLs and loading JSON data to web pages with JavaScript Coding. Explore how you can connect to the Stackexchange API and Request JSON Data to test and build interactive web applications that are data driven and fully dynamic with JavaScript Code. This API has a lot of data and great to familiarize yourself with making AJAX requests with fetch method in JavaScript, Getting JSON data to use within JavaScript Code, Create your own JavaScript code examples of AJAX requests and using JavaSCript to create interactive web page content.

  12. Select Country Data from API - project #12 Connect to a countries API that lists over 250 countries with a complex JSON object rich with data including objects and image paths and arrays. Chunk page data into multiple pages allowing the user to select and interact with JSON data content.

  13. User Search Country by Name get JSON data - project #13 Dynamic and interactive page content with JavaScript - loading JSON data into JavaScript coding objects and outputting and creating page element content with JavaScript DOM.

  14. Introduction to JavaScript Quiz Game Project - project #14 Create a fully interactive quiz game using JavaScript with JSON data from server endpoint. Connect to an API - return back response data to generate the quiz game using the values from the data. Build interactive content track progress randomize question options. Use JavaScript DOM manipulation to select, create and update page elements. Check correct answers, score the player, build the gameplay loading dynamically from the JSON data. Load the content from a Google Sheet - create the full gameplay which can customize the questions and create the JavaScript game progress all using the JSON data. Output the game progress report to the player as a downloadable text file.

  15. Creating a Joke Generating Web page from JSON data - project #15 Explore how to connect to an api with limited requests per hour. Build the app in less than 10 requests. Get JSON data - output as JavaScript object create page content from data.

  16. Project multiple endpoints for JSON data user selected content. - project #16 Using an array data of items, connect to different endpoints, allowing the user to select the content they want to load. Dynamically create a user interaction list of urls and allow user to interact and output the selected content.

  17. Project connecting to the Github API loading JSON data - project #17 Create a dynamic interactive web user interface connecting to Github data and allowing the user to load selected content. Page content is interactive and content is driven from JSON data provided by the GitHub API.

  18. Generate interactive Game with Dynamic Wordlist - project #18 Loading game data dynamically from a Google Sheet. How to share Google Sheet data for web applications. Create a word Scramble game from scratch that loads word lists from shared Google Sheet docs. Create a word list - load the sheet data into your JavaScript application to generate Scramble Words Game. Loading game data dynamically from a Google Sheet. How to share Google Sheet data for web applications. Complete review of JavaScript Scramble Game with full dynamic gameplay coming from a dynamically generated wordlist which is requested via AJAX and returned as JSON to the web application.

  19. Quiz Game with JavaScript and AJAX - project #19 Explore how to set up a quiz game which is flexible and dynamically generated content from JSON data. Connect to an API load JSON data and output with JavaScript to the DOM web page. Creating an interactive web game with dynamically loaded AJAX content. JavaScript Game Project with data driven dynamically from an API endpoint. Using JavaScript creates the web application making it fully dynamic and adjustable with content. Explore how to set up a quiz game which is flexible and dynamically generated content from JSON data. Connect to an API load JSON data and output with JavaScript to the DOM web page. Creating an interactive web game with dynamically loaded AJAX content.

  20. YouTube Search API with JavaScript Connect to API - project #20 Setup and connect to the YouTube api to search and get YouTube Data into your webpage. Dynamically create your webpage from JSON content coming from the YouTube API. Create interactive clickable content that loads from the user selection data. Use JavaScript to create a fully functional YouTube interactive web application.

  21. Frontend API Tester connecting to Endpoints - project #21 How to make JavaScript fetch requests and return JSON data from various endpoints. Test and make interactive content that is data driven from JSON data and dynamically generate the page content with JavaScript. DOM page manipulation with JavaScript Coding.

  22. Get and POST Tester API JSON JavaScript - project #22 Using user input data select content from API. Send data to the server with AJAX using JavaScript fetch both with GET and POST methods. Handle response JSON data from the server endpoint - output and generate response to the user. Get input field and form data to practice sending requests to testing endpoint which can handle both POST and GET methods returning the simulated data as a JSON object.

  23. Form Submission with JavaScript fetch JSON data - project #23 Create an HTML form - submit the form input contents with AJAX to the server. Using formData create JSON from contents and send to the endpoint. Simulate form submissions with JavaScript and AJAX using GET and POST methods. Provide user detailed response and page content output from submission.

  24. JSON placeholder tester JSON JavaScript - project #24 JSON placeholder testing sending data to test server and retrieving response object as JSON. Output JSON response to the web page with JavaScript. JavaScript DOM setup and manipulate page elements outputs content dynamically using JavaScript DOM element manipulation. Great mini JavaScript and AJAX coding project to explore JSON and API sending fetch requests to a placeholder testing API.

  25. Dynamic Content interactive CRUD tester Part 1 - project #25 Select JSON data and output to the page. Create user interaction options to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) server side data within the testing environment. Select item by id value from server return to page. List all available posts from server output to page. Allow users to select items by id and update the content, create JSON objects to send to the server and using PUT method add to server data. Create new items for the database. Delete post item by id with user selection. Update and customize output for user from JSON data. Using JavaScript DOM manipulation update and build dashboard of dynamic content coming from the testing Server data.

  26. GitHub json database custom JSON endpoint - project #26 Connect to the Massive GitHub API - create user search apply generating customized request URL with JavaScript Code. Use JavaScript to make the AJAX request for JSON data. Output and update page elements with Data from the server. Show and display JSON data values from GitHub API. Explore connecting and testing making requests to eh server output contents to the web pages with JavaScript DOM coding. Web page development and dynamic web page content. Interactive and user selected JavaScript created content driven by JSON data from the API.

  27. Setup JSON Local Server with Node NPM - project #27 Step by step guide setup your own local testing server. Practice JavaScript AJAX requests to local data. Create your own JSON data -return data locally from json db file. Perfect for testing and exploring making requests to your own customized JSON data endpoint.

  28. Connect to Local Server Get and Post Requests with Fetch - project #28 Practice connecting to JSON data locally. Setup your own JSON data using JavaScript to connect to the local JSON data and output it to your testing dev app. Javascript local web developer environment setup and practice environment. Get JSON data use JavaScript to update page elements. Practice connecting and making POST and GET requests to local JSON server using a json.db file located locally. Create page elements with JavaScript using Data returned from JSON data object.

  29. Connect to Local Server Put and Delete Requests with Fetch project #29 Practice connecting and making PUT and DELETE requests to local JSON server using a json.db file located locally. Create page elements with JavaScript using Data returned from JSON data object. Update Manipulate JSON local data simulating Database requests to the backend code.

  30. JavaScript AJAX web contact form sending Emails with Apps Script project #30 How to send an email from client side code AJAX Contact form submit data to Google Sheet and Send emails from Google Apps Script MailApp Service. Create your own custom fully functional web contact form that sends emails, tracks form content into a spreadsheet. Setup your own endpoint using Google Apps Script and creating a fully functional web app. Send POST request from your web page using AJAX and JavaScript fetch - create JSON structure of web form data from inputs. Get web page form fields, create JSON object.

AJAX allows you to communicate with the server, exchange data and update the page without having to refresh the page.

  • The two major features of AJAX allow you to do the following:

  • Make requests to the server without reloading the page

  • Receive and work with data from the server

Course is loaded with 30 Projects to help you learn and practice connecting to endpoints, returning JSON data, making fetch requests, using JSON data with JavaScript to create Page content, explore GET POST PUT and DE

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