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Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course Coupon
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[70% Off] Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course Course Coupon

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Mastering Critical Core Java SE 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Concepts

9.0 hr
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This course is a systematic approach to the Oracle Java 8 1Z0-808 (OCA) Certification exam. All of the topics on the syllabus on Oracles website are covered.

Topics include:

  • Java Basics

  • Working with Java Data Types

  • Controlling Program Flow

  • Working with Methods and Encapsulation

  • Java Object Oriented Approach

  • Exception Handling

  • Arrays

  • Working with Selected classes from the Java API

I have included 45+ (more coming) Oracle style multiple choice questions as part of the course. These come from the excellent Enthuware tool. Each question contains a video explaining the answer. This course started out as a Java 11 course (1Z0-819) and as a result many of the questions are from the Enthuware Java 11 question bank. However, I have removed the Java 11 specific questions and left only questions relating to Java 8 OCA. Note: I have not removed some questions which trivially use the "var" keyword (introduced in Java 10) - I have included a comment on these lines to explain the Java 8 equivalent, so that you can answer the question.

As well as using an IDE to explain concepts, I use a whiteboard wherever I can. I find it an excellent learning tool; particularly around the topics of:

  • Java objects versus references

  • String and wrapper-class immutability

  • Arrays

  • Inheritance - upcasting, downcasting, ClassCastExceptions (why they occur)

  • Garbage collection

I am a lecturer since 2002 and I have taught the OCA (and OCP) syllabus since 2013 on behalf of a highly regarded software company. On completion of my training, graduates then face the company's own internal Java Certification exam (similar in style to Oracle's). I have no visibility into the questions they will face. It is a 3 hour long intensive exam. The company are delighted with the pass rate (100% since year 1).

I love teaching and this course has all my experience in explaining the critical fundamental concepts of Java. In addition, I have a strong attention to detail which lends itself perfectly to the Oracle Java Certification exams. I am delighted that Enthuware, in their explanations, have linked to my YouTube channel.

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