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Jamovi: A Powerful R-based Statistical Analyses Tool Coupon

[25% Off] Jamovi: A Powerful R-based Statistical Analyses Tool Course Coupon

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Create Cool Awesome Visualizations and Analyse Data using an Open Source Free R-based GUI.

4.5 hr
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Complete Beginner Course

If you're looking for a tool that can help you get started on your research and analyses and have decided to go with Jamovi, then this is the right course for you. This course will give you an introductory overview of how to use Jamovi and what it's main features are. Anyone can take this course. You don't have to be a stats expert or some kind of special researcher. It's mainly about how to use the tool, Jamovi.

Get Started with R Programming

If you're learning the R programming language, this is a handy tool to have under your belt. Its syntax mode can act like a little cheat code generator for you to use in R and instantaneously be able to do everything that you can do in Jamovi in RStudio.

In This Course

  • You'll get some information about Jamovi's user interface and how you can get it to do stuff. It's a pretty straight forward interface, there's actually not much explanation  needed. You'll be amazed and surprised at just how easy to use and intutitive Jamovi is. It's beatifully designed and great to use.

  • You'll find out just how easy it to bring your data into Jamovi, set your variables to ordinal, nominal, continuous, add some new computed and transformed variables, and use filters to focus on specific areas of your dataset.

  • Then we'll take a detour and install R and RStudio and have a look at how you can bring in datasets open in Jamovi into RStudio just by typing two words, and how you can then easily copy/paste the R code from Jamovi. You just copy and paste it!

  • Another great feature in Jamovi is that you can install Modules wich are like add-ons or R packages. These allow you to do more cool stuff with Jamovi. We'll have a look at how to install them and I'll give you some tips on how to use two of them scatr and my favourite, Flexplot!

Analyses Demonstrations:

We're going to have a look at each of the analyses in Jamovi, with an example. The focus of this part of the course is just to give you a rudementary look at each of the analyses, and kinda  get a feel of what you can do with Jamovi's suite of analyses.

It includes all the basic good stuff:

  1.  T-Test: Independent, Paired, and One-Sample

  2. ANOVAS (one-way, factoral, repeated measures), ANCOVA (and MANCOVA), Non-parametric one way and repeated meausers ANOVA

  3. Correlation & Regression, Logistic Regression (Binomial, Multinomial, Ordinal)

  4. Friequencies: One Sample Proportion Tests(Binomial and Chi Goodness of Fit), Contingency Tables (Chi test of association and McNemar), Log-Linear Regression)

  5. Factor Analyses (Reliability, Principle Component, Exploratory, and Confirmatory Anlyses)

But remember, that's not all. Jamovi's modules let you do a lot more. Everything from JASP's suite of Baysein statistics to Survival Analyses. Check it out, and explore.

Practicing is Easy

As far as practice activities go, I encourage you to follow along with the same examples and repeat them using your own combination of variables and to experiment with using the code in R and seeing where it takes you. All these demonstration examples are pretty simple. It's really easy for anyone to swap out the variables used in any of the demonstrations with other variables in the same dataset or to go through other datasets and repeat the same analyses. Just give it a shot. There's even a module called R Datasets which installs a bunch of datasets for you to practice on. Explore, experiment and be creative!

What are you waiting for? Get started with Jamovi today!!!

More about the Jamovi:

Data Science is really cool and awesome. As with anything you really want to get done, there's nothing more helpful than a good tool that can help you do the job. Jamovi pushes the envelope when it comes to something that's free, open, user-friendly and fun. It's features and specifications rival that of paid programs like SPSS, STATA and SASS.

It includes really awesome stuff and the best part is that it's all built on top of R. Hadley Wickham, a big name in data science, spoke about how GUIs aren't really great for data science. It's true, but in that same talk in the 2016 conference he mentions that, it's okay to copy/paste code. You don't have to be a coding dictionary to be good at R. That's another area where Jamovi shines and flexes its muscles. It's got syntax mode! It's like an R code cheat sheet generator. You can easily start to code in R and do everything you can do in Jamovi, in R, just by copy/pasting the code.

It's really great for a beginner who is just learning R. No one wants to start learning something and feel like it's so hard and like it'll take ages for them to actually start learning and be able to actually do anything. But with Jamovi's syntax mode, you can easily just start copy/pasting code into R and getting results right away. Who wouldn't want that?

And since Jamovi's code is based on other packages as well, it's a really nice package to start working with and start learning with. It can help you get started.

The visualizations in Jamovi are stunning, amazing, and easy. The analyses are the best, so neatly organized and the changes show up in the results immediately.

After seeing all these features of Jamovi, I tototally lost it. I said to myself how can something so cool, awesome, fun and insightful be free? Yes! It's all free.

I asked myself, where has this tool been all my life? Why didn't I know about? I thought of all the opportunities that I had missed in my career. All the cool visualizations I could made to convey my points to my bosses and colleagues and other people. I thought of all the things that I could have understood better in the past if I had just known about Jamovi and been able to use it.

So, then I decided to create a course about this cool awesome Jamovi software so that everyone could benefit from it.

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