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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Practice to Certification for 2022

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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework for standardizing the selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance of information technology services inside a company. The goal is to increase efficiency and ensure that services are delivered in a consistent manner

Benefits of ITIL Certification

ITIL is a widely recognized framework that covers procedures, duties, and checklists that are practically universal in all businesses. Furthermore, ITIL positions are among the most in-demand jobs today due to the advantages that ITIL specialists provide in accomplishing the organization's vision with less investment. ITIL specialists are in high demand, and anyone pursuing a career in IT-related sectors can benefit from obtaining ITIL Certification and

  • Aligns the business and IT

  • Offers the best practices for service management

  • Defines the roles of every task precisely

  • Offers reliable and useful services

  • Delivers better customer experience

  • Enhances service delivery success

  • Improves utilization of resources by lowering costs

  • Comprehensive visibility of IT costs and assets

  • Increases ability to manage business risk and service disruption or failure

  • Supports constant business change for a stable service environment

The many benefits of ITIL 4 Foundation certification have made it one of the world's most popular ITSM frameworks. In addition, it has assisted in creating a thriving global community of practitioners who not only assist in upskilling and supporting new students but also provide invaluable insight into where the ITIL 4 Foundation can be improved.

When the ITIL 4 Foundation was declared back in November 2017, it rapidly caused an uproar. First, AXELOS announced that this latest iteration would be community-driven, taking advantage of the proficiency in service design, operation, transition, and procedure offered by the worldwide ITIL community. Simultaneously, ITIL 4 would also address the most common hang-ups practitioners had with ITIL V3, presenting a modernized framework more in line with changing practices.

Let's take a look at a few of the benefits ITIL 4 Foundation Certification provides:

1. Integration and Compatibility

One of the most significant benefits that ITIL 4 has over its previous version is its compatibility with the leading frameworks and standards. ITIL v3 was exclusively for practitioners.

2. Flexible Practices

ITIL 4 practices are more straightforward and adaptable. It provides a holistic approach to organizations. The new practices adopted in ITIL 4 helps organizations to adapt to a flexible environment.

ITIL 4 includes 34 practices, which are categorized into three categories:

  • General management

  • Technical management

  • Service management

3. Varied Certification Path

One of the greatest strengths of ITIL 4 is its various modules. The new form of ITIL has changed with the new structure. After completing the ITIL 4 Foundation, you can move on to:

  • ITIL Managing Professional

  • ITIL Strategic Leader

ITIL Managing Professional

  • ITIL Specialist Create, Deliver, and Support

  • ITIL Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value

  • ITIL Specialist High Velocity IT

  • ITIL Specialist Direct, Plan, and Improve

ITIL Managing Professional

  • ITIL Strategist- Direct, Plan, and Improve

  • ITIL leader- Digital and IT strategy

To attain the above designations, learners must complete two modules and move towards the "ITIL Master" level. However, there is no need to complete all the modules together. It is indeed a great advantage for the professionals, and the payment part is considered.

4. Adaptability and Future-proofing

One of the biggest stability of ITIL 4 is that it acknowledges how the worlds of business and technology are invariably changing and evolving. As a result, ITIL best practices provide a level of fluidity and adaptability that enables users to take full advantage of any unique opportunities to streamline operations, deliver enhanced services to customers, get the drop on competitors, and more. Even better, with the practitioner community set to provide ongoing and growing insight, ITIL users can appreciate a future-proof system that will continue to accommodate changing circumstances, whatever may come shortly.

In competitive industries, this quantity for change can be vital. Circling competitors always have chances to take advantage of static and rigid businesses in the current digital age.

5. Worldwide Recognized Qualification

ITIL 4 Foundation certification sets an international benchmark for your qualification and service management skills. In addition, leading international service providers recognize ITIL 4 certification as a prerequisite for services management experts. Therefore, it boosts your career even at the international level.

6. Hike in Salaries

One of the fascinating advantages of getting ITIL 4 Foundation certified is the salary drawn by ITIL 4 certified professionals. Having a good salary is not just a necessity, but it also motivates employees towards performing better, thereby serving the organization in the perfect possible manner. According to PayScale, on average, ITIL certified professionals earn about 74,000 dollars in the US and 9,96,199 lakhs per annum in India.

7. A Smart Approach to Improving the Initiatives

Smart professionals work smarter ways to exhibit their skills and values. ITIL 4 Foundation courses & workshops provide smart skills to help you identify the potential to improve the initiatives.

8. Better Return On Investment (ROI)

ITIL 4 Foundation certified professionals help organizations establish robust processes through service strategies, design, improvements, etc. ROI helps the IT operations to run smoothly, thereby maximizing the value and decreasing the service costs. From the employer's perspective, ITIL training and skills can provide value right away and bring efficiency to the IT processes.

9. Enhanced Collaboration

The benefit of providing training to numerous students in a single framework is that gradually they become acquainted with the ITIL 4 terminologies. It enhances collaboration and communication between different departments. Group learning makes the students connected for a longer period.

It may also be valid to point out that companies that upskill several employees in the same course can often enjoy significant discounts. It is worth keeping in mind if you ever need to sell ITIL 4 to your organization.

10. Customer satisfaction

With technology omnipresent in modern businesses, there are certain functions and features that customers expect as standard. For example, you would expect a popular retailer to have a working e-commerce platform and online customer service. Most customers would anticipate the same for every company, from utility suppliers to car manufacturers.

ITIL 4 Foundation facilitates valuable insight into the essential business services and features, wherein the ITIL service lifecycle covers continual service advancement, incident management, and development and release. Offering high-quality services to the customers and dissatisfaction due to defects will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. In return, it leads to more business and can expect profits down the line.

which will give you better clarity on the subject. We’ll cover key concepts and dimensions of service management, ITIL service value system, ITIL guiding principles and practices, and much more

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