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Introduction to RF Design Theory and Principles - RAHRF201 Coupon
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[-0% Off] Introduction to RF Design Theory and Principles - RAHRF201 Course Coupon

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Preparing for Apple, Broadcom, Qualcomm , Skyworks and other RF interviews

9.5 hr
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Rahsoft RF Certificate Program Available courses are as below:

   List of courses Available toward RF Certificate                                                                                             

  • RF Fundamentals, Basic Concepts Components RAHRF101                
  • Modulation and Digital Communications in RF RAHRF152    
  • RF Design Theory and Principles RAHRF201             
  • Advance Design System (ADS)  Basics and Applications RAHRF209-L                
  • Receiver, Transmitter and Transceiver Architectures RAHRF409               
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Fundamentals RAHRF526                       
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design lab using ADS RAHRF526-L                        
  • Power Amplifier (PA) Design Fundamentals RAHRF562        
  • Power Amplifier (PA) Design lab using ADS RAHRF562-L 

In RAHRF201 you would get deeper into Radio Frequency Design Theory and Principles. The reference book for this course is RF Microelectronics of Behzad Razavi .

At the end of this course the student will have depth knowledge of Radio Frequency principles. The team's main goal while developing the course has been to concentrate more on the concepts in order for students to understand the topics rather than simply providing formulas. 

This course has helped Engineers on surviving complicated phone and onsite interviews of Fortune 500 RF Companies and gain salaries on their early careers from 70K~120K. This course is also helpful for Engineers in the industry or technicians which want to change gears towards Radio Frequency. 

The above course is taught on campus in groups and now it is being provided online as well for individuals. Rahsoft provides these courses online through Udemy as well as its own website and it counts toward RF Certificate provided through Rahsoft.

Below you can find the topics taught in RF Design Theory and Principles (RAHRF201)

Section2: PowerHave a complete understanding of power in Radio Frequency
Lecture3:Instantaneous and average power
Lecture4:Power Example 1
Lecture5:power and phasor
Lecture6:Power Example 2
Lecture7:Complex power
Lecture8:Complex Power Summary
Lecture9:Power Example 3
Lecture10:Complex Power ADS simulation
Lecture11:Maximum power
Lecture12:Max power ADS simulation
Lecture13:Power and Matching(Preview enabled)
Lecture14:Max Power and Matching Summary
Lecture15:dB, dBm and power gain
Section3:Mos Transistor
Lecture16:MOS Transistor structure and DC characteristics
Lecture17:Small signal
Lecture18:Small signal model
Lecture19:Parasitic cap and fT
Lecture20:ADS FT
Lecture21:MOS Example 1
Section4:Non Linearity
Lecture23:Harmonic distortion
Lecture24:Gain Compression
Lecture25:Gain Compression ADS example
Lecture26:Harmonic Distortion and Gain Compression Summary
Lecture27:Desensitization(Preview enabled)
Lecture28:Desensitization Example
Lecture30:Intermodulation IIP3
Lecture31:Intermodulation Example 1
Lecture32:Intermodulation Example 2
Lecture33:Intermodulation Example 3
Lecture34:Cascaded Stages
Lecture36:Device Noise
Lecture37:Input Referred Noise
Lecture38:Input Referred Noise Example
Lecture39:Noise Figure (NF) First Part(Preview enabled)
Lecture40:Noise Figure (NF) Second Part
Lecture41:Noise Figure (NF) Example 1
Lecture42:Noise Figure (NF) Example 2
Lecture43:Noise in Cascaded stages
Lecture44:Noise in Cascaded stages Example
Lecture45:Noise in Passive Reciprocal Circuits
Lecture46:Noise in Passive Reciprocal Circuits Example
Section6:Sensitivity and Dynamic Range
Lecture47:Sesitivity(Preview enabled)
Lecture48:Sensitivity Example
Lecture49:Dynamic Range
Lecture50:Dynamic Range Example
Section7:RLC circuit
Lecture51:RLC resonance Circuits
Lecture52:Bandwidth and Quality Factor
Lecture53:RLC ADS simulation
Lecture54:Two component networks
Lecture55:Low Quality Factor Example
Lecture56:Matching Circuit

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