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A beginner's course that covers the complete fundamentals of music theory for pianists, songwriters, and composers.
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Brandon H
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[100% Off] Introduction to Music Theory Udemy Coupon

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Welcome to my course “Introduction to Music Theory” where you will learn the basic fundaments that make up music. For years, I have been a skilled and experienced player of the piano. Self-motivated and determined, I have strived to expand my knowledge on the foundation of music through the enrollment of numerous music theory and piano courses. Consequently, I now feel confident that I possess a strong understanding of music theory. 

“Introduction to Music Theory” is a course that I feel really lays the foundation for any musician, at any skill level, to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the musical genre and industry. Throughout the entirety of the course, many topics will be touched upon. After enrolling in my course, I am confident that you, the student, will leave with a well-rounded and solid musical education that will prove to become imperative to your own musical career and journey.

Below is a short list of technical details:

  • 40 video lectures totaling 6 hours of content, following my step-by-step music theory curriculum.

  • 7 Quizzes to test your retention and knowledge.

  • A complete 67 question examination to tie in all the knowledge you will have absorbed towards the end of the course.

  • A custom and innovative PowerPoint presentation with original, high-quality illustrations to create a better sense of clarity and cohesiveness.

Some topics included in this course:

  • Notes and Values

  • The Clefs

  • The Circle of Fifths

  • Time Signatures

  • Basic Piano Skills

  • Major Scales

  • Minor Scales

  • Key Signatures

  • Accidentals

  • Major Intervals

  • Minor Intervals

  • Modes

  • Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minors

  • Parallel and Relative Minors

  • Notations

  • Chords and Chord Progressions

  • Degree Scales

  • Chord Inversions

  • Seventh Chords

  • Seventh Chord Inversions

  • Nonharmonic Tones

  • Cadences

  • Chord Analysis

Instructors: Brandon H

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