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Learn key skills in 1 hr to improve your mental maths.
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Michael Siva
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[100% Off] Introduction to Mental Math Udemy Coupon

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Does your mind freeze over at the thought of tackling simple arithmetic – without a calculator? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a student with an impending exam or just a regular person who struggles with simple mental math, this course could change everything for you.

 If you’ve got 1 hour to spare, this “Introduction to Mental Math” course will teach you trusted tips and tricks for overcoming mental math hurdles. They don’t teach you everything at school, and this short and sweet beginner course reveals simple yet powerful ways to:

  • Significantly improve your mental math skills…

  • Become a master of addition and subtraction…

  • Swiftly multiply and divide with more ease and speed…

  • Learn the decimal equivalents of simple fractions you need to know…

  • And how to remember them…

  • …And beyond!

Learn from an experienced math tutor (and self-proclaimed “maths geek”) with 10+ years of experience. Invest in your future by purchasing this course today!

Instructors: Michael Siva

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