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Introduction to Javascript Coupon

[50% Off] Introduction to Javascript Course Coupon

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Duration: 2.0 hours

Learn the basics of JavaScript in 2 hours.

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After analyzing the top must learn computer programming languages in 2020, we were able to conclude that JavaScript is the 4th best programming language to learn.

"Owing to its high speed and regular annual updates, JavaScript is an ultimate hit in the IT domain. Reputed firms like Netflix, Uber, PayPal, and several startups use JavaScript to create dynamic web pages that are secure and fast. In fact, the 2018 Developer Skills Report by HackerRank shares that JavaScript is the top programming skill required by companies today." (Belani, 2020)

Hence, we came up with this course to benefit the students who are curious to learn the basics of JavaScript.

You will learn the following -


    • JavaScript - Numbers

    • JavaScript - Strings

    • JavaScript - Booleans

    • JavaScript - Dates

    • JavaScript - Arrays

    • JavaScript - Objects

    • Comments and Variables in JavaScript

    • Operators in JavaScript

    • Control Statements in JavaScript

    • Loops in JavaScript

    • Functions in JavaScript

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