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Introduction To Interior Design Coupon

[25% Off] Introduction To Interior Design Course Coupon

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Introduction to interior residential design basics (fundamentals, colors and lighting)

3.0 hr
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This 3 in 1 course is a guide to the basics of interior design

While exploring the principles and fundamentals of interior design and how to achieve unity, harmony and balance while incorporating colors, patterns and textiles in a versatile manner within the space, we also focus majorly on color (theoretically, psychologically and technicality to choosing a color scheme...etc) and light (principles, basics, types, efficiency, requirements, distribution...etc) used in the interior space.

Course outline:

Section 1: Definition, objective and purpose of interior design

                Interior designer vs interior decorator

                Principles of interior design

                Elements of interior design

Section 2: Introduction to color theory

                 Understanding the color wheel

                 Introduction to color schemes

                 Cool vs warm colors and materials

                 Color scheme of specific interior design styles

                 Psychology of color in interior design

                 Most popular color schemes in interior design

                 Putting a color plan together

                 Creating a mood board

Section 3: Introduction to lighting in interior design

                Definitions and technical terms

                Reading and evaluating light sources

                Introduction to light fixtures (article + resources)

                Layering light in interior design

                Calculating the total lumens (amount of light emitted) required for an efficient space

                Distributing light expertly in interior residence (room by room)

                Tips to reducing energy in your home

                Evaluating light in interior design cases (lighting mistakes to avoid +  solutions)

--> Join me in this very informative course to master interior design <--

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