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Introduction to Commercial Awareness Coupon
Personal Development

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Change and Innovations

1.0 hr
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Whilst developing current leaders as well future leaders, I have seen a change in what employers, and what employees are also looking for in their leaders. There has been a shift from the traditional management skills to more new leadership skills. In the past, there was an emphasis on business, operational and financial skills. Whereas, nowadays, employers are looking for people who have more leadership, soft or human skills. These would include, for example, emotional intelligence, communication, presentation, time management, coaching and mentoring, or stress management skills. I often get requests for Commercial Awareness workshops and courses. Commercial Awareness is an example of leadership skills where leaders need their traditional, manager skills as well as their new, leadership and soft skills.

In this course, we will be covering various aspects of commercial awareness.

In the lectures, we will be discussing what commercial awareness is, how to spot opportunities for change and innovation, how to guide and support all your stakeholders through a change. We will be discussing how to evaluate different options and choose the one that would have the most benefits, and finally, how to draw up a plan to successfully implement any change.

This course will be a part of a series of courses on different new leadership skills.

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