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Intro to Speech and language therapy - A parents guide Coupon
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[25% Off] Intro to Speech and language therapy - A parents guide Course Coupon

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Suitable for Parents, Teachers and Teaching Assistants

1.0 hr
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My Child isn't talking

How do I teach my child to talk?

How many words should my child have by this age?

Help my child to talk!

If you are a parent or teacher who has concerns about a child's Speech and Language development, then this course may be for you. There are many things we can do at an early stage to facilitate a child's communication. Unfortunately, we are not always given the appropriate guidance of what is considered normal development. Many parents worry that their child is slow to talk, does not use words, uses very few words or generally seems to be behind other children of the same age.

This course was designed with parents, teachers and teaching assistants in mind- those people who are passionate about supporting children as their speech and language develops.

The course is a mixture of presentations, lectures, practical demonstrations and quizzes to check knowledge. There are downloadable checklists and knowledge summaries. There is also a progress form that you can print off to record your child's progress after each session.

At the beginning of the course I highlight the materials that will be required for you to complete the training programme with your child. There are no hidden costs and you will not be required to buy any resources. All of the things you will require for this course can be found in your home or in the classroom

The theoretical aspects of this course look at what is normal child development as well as what delayed development may look like. We explore the terms speech and language and identify the differences. There are lots of practical ideas of things you can try with your child at home or at school

Please note: Whilst this information is provided by a Qualified Doctor and Speech and Language Therapist, this does not replace the role of a Speech and Language Therapist who has directly seen and assessed your child. This guidance is generic and designed to support all children in their speech and language development. Please always follow your Speech and Language Therapists Advice.

I hope you will find the course informative and engaging and overall that it makes a difference for you and your child.

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