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International Trade Business Lessons

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Inthis course, you will learn a lot of subjects:

Authority (FSA) launched a national strategy on financial capability in 2003. The USA, on the other hand, established the Financial Literacy and Education Commission in 2003.

It is the ability of individuals to have knowledge about key financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, borrowing and investment and to use this information in their decisions.

It has five components:

Information on financial concepts

The ability to communicate about financial concepts

Personal finance management skills

The ability to make appropriate financial decisions

Planning behavior for future financial needs

(1) Savings: It is the remainder after deducting personal consumption expenditures from disposable personal income.

(2) Investment: It is the tying of a certain resource and savings to investment instruments (stocks, treasury bills, mutual funds, pension funds, movable and immovable properties, etc.) for certain maturities in order to provide a certain return.

Three key elements of Financial Literacy:

Financial Information: It is the knowledge of basic finance concepts such as budget, insurance, savings, investment, credit, simple and compound interest, inflation, risk, return, maturity, asset, debt.

Financial Attitude / Attitude: Individuals exhibit a regular financial attitude as a result of various previous experiences on issues such as careful use of money, consume sparingly, and saving for the future.

Financial Behavior: It is the ability of individuals to monitor their personal budgets, to shop carefully, to manage their savings, savings and investments, personal debt and loans, and to evaluate their investments in the short and long term.

Attitude is defined as the possible behavior pattern an individual is expected to exhibit in the face of a situation, event or phenomenon.

Explanations on the scope of financial literacy are

Although it differs from its own, the essence of all of them is that individuals have information about their budget and can use them effectively. Although the definitions of the concept vary according to institutions and individuals, they all meet at one point; financial literacy is the individual's ability to make and implement decisions in financial matters.

If we put it a little more simply, financial literacy is the ability of an individual to finance his income wisely and manage it with the right investment and savings. If the individual pays a salary to the bank, uses any debit card or credit card, purchases or sells private pension or funds to save money, it is in the financial services system. In this system, it is critical to take the right steps and to make investments that will not cause money loss. Financial literacy is the basis of individuals' knowledge of financial issues and making the right decisions about their budgets. Financial literacy has an important place not only with its contribution to individuals but also with its contribution to the country's economy.

In this course, you will learn much more, with its sincere expression, from the educators.

You can finish the course whenever and wherever you want, with the advantage of stopping where you want and continuing wherever you want.

With these opportunities provided by technology, you will receive your certificate when you complete this course.

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