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IntelliJ IDEA - Complete Course Bundle Coupon

[-55% Off] IntelliJ IDEA - Complete Course Bundle Course Coupon

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Learn everything about IntelliJ and how to use it efficiently

3.0 hr
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With the advent of microservices and usage of Java as a primary coding framework, one should aim to invest time in understanding an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) so that learners aim at efficient coding practice and thus increase productivity. We aim at making you the coder who can crack the toughest nut using IntelliJ Idea.

Through this course, we aim at fulfilling a lot of objectives not only in terms of theoretical knowledge, but also make sure that our learners have an ample amount of hands-on practice. Each of our courses and projects does take you through the set of objectives that courses intend to attack but over here, we would look at the objectives holistically so that we know what we are getting you into. In the theoretical part we would get you covered for all the technicalities involved in using IntelliJ and with 3 projects in the pipeline we would cover up for all the void spaces left during the theoretical learning. These projects come to fulfill the objective of complete learning, the aim of the IntelliJ course.

We at EduCBA believe in quality education and that is the reason our courses are recommended by all. With each passing course we try to incorporate the feedback from our learners to make it even better. The same goes for the IntelliJ course wherein we try to build the foundation from scratch and top it up with hands-on experience. In this section let us look at the highlights of IntelliJ course:

  • As we mentioned we would start from scratch, we would go first with an introduction to what IntelliJ is and what fundamentals things are required to be known by learners to complete the understanding of IntelliJ.

  • In the same section we would go through learning about how to proceed with the installation. Post-installation, we would go through an understanding of the basic feature of IntelliJ.

  • Now that we have a good understanding of what IntelliJ is, we would delve deeper into what comprises of IntelliJ Idea and the installation perspective of the same. Once installed we would look at the generation of properties file and then have a look and feel of IntelliJ Idea.

  • Continuing on the same lines, we would learn about different IDEA views specifically auto-scroll functionality, GIT integration, Maven project integration, and many more! Following that we would look at inspecting Coding templates, and plugins of IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Now, we would look at understanding how to debug the application server, and looking into a different aspect of debugging, like structural search.

  • The addition of Groovy in our course curriculum makes it even more interesting and challenging for our learners as they can look at IntelliJ IDEA from a holistic viewpoint.

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