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Intellectual property rights for social media influencers Coupon

[88% Off] Intellectual property rights for social media influencers Course Coupon

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Key intellectual property rights every influencer should know about

2.0 hr
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Welcome to the course Intellectual property rights for social media influencers.

In this course, you will learn why social media influencers should pay attention to intellectual property rights when developing their business and how to benefit from these specific legal rights.

Nowadays social media influence is a business for more than 10 billion dollars. Many companies start to include it in their marketing strategies as a way to reach consumers in a more effective way.

In light of this influencers become a really valuable marketing option being able to form and direct consumers' behavior.

Social media influencers generate value with their work, value that has to be managed properly in order to become a sustainable business model.

One of the ways this value can be managed is by using the different intellectual property rights.

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • What types of social media influencers exist?

  • Why do Influencers need to understand intellectual property?

  • What intellectual property rights can belong to influencers?

  • What copyrights belong to influencers and how can they be managed?

  • What are the copyright rules of social media platforms for every uploaded content?

  • What influencers can protect as trademarks?

  • How can influencers protect internet domain names and what they need to bear in mind?

  • How design rights can be beneficial for influencers?

  • What role do trade secrets play for influencers?

  • How publicity rights can help influencers?

This course will give you knowledge of how one social media influencer can organize and manage his or her intellectual property rights building a strong and sustainable business project.

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