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Industrial ICS/OT Cybersecurity A to Z as per NIST 800-82 Coupon
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[57% Off] Industrial ICS/OT Cybersecurity A to Z as per NIST 800-82 Course Coupon

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Best ICS/OT Cyber Security course on this platform! Gain a strong foundation in Cyber Security based on NIST guidelines.

6.0 hr
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Industrial cybersecurity based on the NIST guidelines. OT is critical to the operation of critical infrastructures, which are often highly interconnected, mutually dependent systems. It is important to note that while federal agencies operate many of the nation’s critical infrastructures, many others are privately owned and operated.

This course is created after thoroughly understanding and practically implementing in the OT environment, so this 6-hour course is summarised version of the NIST 800-82 standard. It will help to understand what it contains and how it should be understood. So, following are the basic topics which we will cover in this course:


2. About Cybersecurity program development

3. Risk Management for OT systems

4. OT Cybersecurity Architecture

5. Cybersecurity Framework

6. OT Security capabilities and tools

After finishing this course, you will have following understanding:

1. Good grasp of NIST 800-82 Standard

2. What technologies are required for securing a OT infrastructure.

3. What is cybersecurity framework

4. What to do to achieve defense in depth architecture

5. Why cybersecurity program is required and how to set up

6. Feel confident about referring standards in professional discussions

7. Will help in cracking interviews

This course provides guidance for establishing secure operational technology (OT) while addressing OT’s unique performance, reliability, and safety requirements. OT encompasses a broad range of programmable systems and devices that interact with the physical environment (or manage devices that interact with the physical environment). These systems and devices detect or cause a direct change through monitoring and/or control of devices, processes, and events.

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