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ICEMCFD Master Class (Level 1) Coupon

[82% Off] ICEMCFD Master Class (Level 1) Course Coupon

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Learn Ansys ICEMCFD Hexa meshing on complex cases and get accurate results out of your CFD simulation

3.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Meshing is the process to divide the continuous domain into discrete parts to solve fluid dynamics equation to get solution of flow field and heat transfer numerically on computers. ICEMCFD is one of the leading meshing software and it is specially best for getting high quality hexa meshing for accurate CFD results.

In this course you will learn to create high quality hexa mesh with 15 high quality workshops / cases in different applications areas. You will learn to use ICEMCFD options effectively to create the blocking and also you will be able to think about the blocking strategy yourself.

Workshops/cases covered in this course are:

Workshop 1 : Geometry, domain and hexa meshing of NACA 0012 3D airfoil with different trailing edges and domain shapes.

Workshop 2 : Hexa meshing of Square Duct

Workshop 3 : Hexa meshing of cube in external flow

Workshop 4 : Hexa meshing technique for quarter cylinder

Workshop 5 : Hexa meshing of vortex generator over ramp

Workshop 6 : Transition piping hexa mesh

Workshop 7 : Hexa meshing of two type of hemispheres configuration for external flow analysis

Workshop 8 : Hexa meshing Ventrui scruber with three nozzles at throat area

Workshop 9 : 3D injection nozzle system for coal, air and straw

Workshop 10 : Hexa meshing Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber

Workshop 11 : Hexa meshing of Supersonic Converging-Diverging Nozzle with Far Filed

Workshop 12 : Hexa meshing of U-Bend with top-down and bottom-up approaches

Workshop 13 : Hexa meshing of simple dimple over flat surface

Workshop 14 : Hexa meshing of triple wedge in supersonic external flow

Workshop 15 : Hexa meshing of of cone with different blocking approaches

Note: This course requires some basic knowledge on ICEMCFD. Some basic courses you can also find on udemy to start with.

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