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Duration: 3.0 hours

A Sales and Marketing Course for Beginners

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New to Sales and have expectations of achieving great results from the get go? Then this simplified Sales & Marketing course is for you! In "I Love Sales" you will learn the basics which would put you on a sure footing and help you achieve the results that you desire. This course begins by defining what sales is and who a true sales professional is. This gives the learner the opportunity to develop the required skills. The course teaches you how to make a successful sale in 7 easy steps.  It also provides expert information but presents it in a way that those who are new to sales can easily grasp. The learners would be introduced to marketing. They would learn the different types of marketing out there and the difference between sales and marketing and how they compliment each other to make a success  of the sales function.

"I Love Sales" is not only for beginners in the sales function. This course is also a refresher for those who are already in the sales function but need an uncomplicated refresher course which presents all the information needed to excel but in an easy to understand manner. No longer is sales that dreaded task but one that can be enjoyed given the required training which this course provides.  At the end of the course which is broken down into a series of easy to understand and follow video clips, the learner would be able to come away with their own sales and marketing strategy which would give them great success at selling any product or service and over any medium of their choice.

Congratulations for signing up and here's to your success as a sales professional.

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