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Duration: 4.0 hours

Hydraulics basics

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The only course in hydraulics you will ever need!
This course covers the basics of hydraulic systems.

You don't have to have any type of prior knowledge except basic arithmetic operations. There is an introduction part to get you started on learning about hydraulic systems. There is a little bit about hydrodynamic systems, but mostly this course is focused on hydro-static systems. After this course you will be able to understand the basics about hydraulic machines and you will be able to continue learning more about hydraulics, through my courses or through other mediums.

  • In the beginning of the course we will cover how systems function, then we will get to the various fluids that can be used in hydraulic system.

  • After every section there is a quiz so you can review what you learned and what you should maybe revise again.

  • The plan is that when you finish this course you will know enough about hydraulics to continue to learn about more advanced systems.

  • I will be releasing a Hydraulics 102 course very soon which will cover hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders in detail. As well as diagrams and schematics.


The course was refreshed, some of the things were changed up and an entire new section was added. In the new section there is a little bit about pumps, motors, hydraulic cylinders and about hydraulic schematics. Soon I will be uploading a complimentary PDF to the course so when you finish the course you have a PDF to recapitulate your knowledge. The PDF will contain all of the important information on Hydraulics basics and will be usable as a standalone textbook.

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