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HP0-J22 Designing HP Storage Works Solutions Practice Exam Coupon
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[-6% Off] HP0-J22 Designing HP Storage Works Solutions Practice Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this HP0-J22 Designing HP Storage Works Solutions Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

3.0 hr
180$ 169.99$
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Sample Questions:

What is an important design consideration when configuring the XP matrix?

Inadequate cache reduces random performance

The port number Nadequate Cha can result in a decrease in the performance series

Inadequate SCSI Queue Server can reduce overall performance

The insufficient amount of the matrix group can lead to a low performance, regardless of the size of the cache


What are the main benefits for the client, using a configuration with two drivers? (Choose two.)

Any of the controllers can handle requests from any resource.

Maintenance costs are reduced.

The remaining controller will take the resources belonging to the failed controller.

The resources can be shared between the two controllers.

In standby mode, the controller can be used for background tasks.

What affirmation is true about using the automatic virtual function, create the DISC MSA2012FC system?

Double controller settings to be installed.

At least two transmission housings must be connected.

Only the SAS units are compatible.

Only one type of unit (SAS or SATA) will be inserted.


Install the MSA2012FC storage solution on a client site. The manual addition of a global spare disk fails. What is the most likely cause of failure?

Global spare parts should be added in pairs.

The unallocated units are used automatically as global spare parts.

The global spare wheels must be in the same package as vdisks.

No virtual disk does not exist in the system.


What to consider when creating virtual disks in MSA2000?

The desired virtual disc LUN identifier

A sufficient number of units of the same type for the desired level of RAID

Operating system Associated hosts

Cache configuration for a virtual disk


What is the MSA2000 master volume?

Volume for fast recovery

The volume database for user data.

The number of data snapshots

Displacement of images of origin.


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