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Your complete guide to recording and launching a podcast using simple techniques.
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Matthew Marko
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[100% Off] How To Start A Podcast – Quick & Easy Udemy Coupon

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Working out how to put a podcast together from scratch can take months of trial and error and hours of Googling but with this course, you’ll get all the information you need in one neat course.

What is a Podcast? It is audio or video shows, that when you subscribe to them, are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and/or iPods. Think of them as free radio or TV shows which you deliver Spam-Free! directly to your audience every time you produce one.

By following the short, simple, easy-to-follow lectures, you will be able to work through the process of setting up your show and publishing your first episode quickly.

Who this course is for:

  • No previous experience with Podcasting is required

  • If you have ever wondered how to create a Podcast, this course is just for you

  • Future Podcast Hosts and Executive Producers

  • If you have a message you want to share with the world, this course is for you

  • This course is great for the average person, entrepreneurs, influencers, local businesses, start-ups, coaches, speakers, and the list goes on

  • If you want to create a new source of leads for your business and potential increase in revenue

  • We go over the basics of setting up the Podcast and using resources around you to create it then go into a more advanced on how to promote it and reach your targeted audience

Instructors: Matthew Marko

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