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How to sell on Instagram: marketing for online sales via DM Coupon

[67% Off] How to sell on Instagram: marketing for online sales via DM Course Coupon

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Learn how to use Instagram for business, Master selling via Instagram shop, Earn from online sales through Instagram

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It’s based on valuable insights that we’ve gained from our clients’ experiences and the strategies of million-dollar IG businesses. The secret is that proper communication in Direct on Instagram is not a mainstream practice yet. So, it will become a powerful tool for boosting your sales in a short period of time. Foolproof plans are revealed in the lessons.

All other online courses on Instagram marketing teach you how to grow your followers, expand your reach and set up ads, BUT THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF INCOME. We will help you to stand out in this competitive community and start earning online, even without impressive ad budgets. THIS STRATEGY CAN BRING YOU FROM 0 SALES TO 6-FIGURES, so don’t miss a second to learn these insights.

Now you are 10 lessons away from monetizing Instagram and selling your products or expertise:

Lesson #1 – How to grow your income with customer relationship management for Instagram. Outlining a marketing funnel.

  • What to expect when your IG strategy is based on CRM.

  • The pain points and the cornerstone of Instagram marketing 2021.

  • Automated marketing funnel for IG – a skeleton of Instagram sales 2021.

  • Expand your product offering. Lead magnets, tripwires, and upselling.

Lesson #2 – How to set up Instagram for business. Set a Unique Selling Point for your Instagram bio – and beat the competition. Instagram SEO.

  • Unique selling point. Building the USP for your IG bio.

  • Keywords research for Instagram.

  • How to choose a nickname for a business account.

  • Instagram name for a business. Help your clients find you.

  • Instagram bio checklist: the perfect formula for Instagram for business.

  • Optimizing links on Instagram.

Lesson #3 Building your client base from 0 to thousands.

  • Working with your existing emails/phone numbers.

  • Cash giveaways.  Top technique for attracting millennials.

  • Hashtags – learn how to think like your client.

  • Bots – are they worth it?

  • Influencer marketing and feature accounts. You need bloggers but they don’t reply – what to do?

  • Target ads 2021. Creatives based on lead magnets. Top examples and research.

Lesson #4 – Your client base on Instagram. Tools for managing customers. What data should you collect to know your audience better than your competitors?

  • Why client management tools will help you beat the competition in 2021.

  • What data should you track to increase retention? Methods to better know your audience.

  • The most advanced existing service to manage and interact with IG customers. Free Excel template.

Lesson #5 No reviews, no orders. How to collect feedback from clients on IG. How to use testimonials to attract new customers (with examples)

  • What types of reviews are trendy on IG right now?

  • How to get the maximum number of testimonials. After-purchase feedback and communication + scripts.

  • Content and ad creatives based on testimonials. How to download reviews in 100% quality for reuse.

  • Insta-zen: manage negative feedback like a guru + scripts.

Lesson #6 Double your sales on Instagram today with a Direct marketing strategy

  • Psychology of Instagram sales + Basic rules of correspondence in a business account on Instagram.

  • Knowledge base to explode sales in Direct.

  • Top ways to stimulate conversation and get more sales + scripts.

Lesson #7 Powerful communication scripts that will lead to purchases

  • Working on objections before the sale + scripts and examples.

  • Top techniques in the moment of sale on IG.

  • Communication AFTER SALE. Customer reactivation + follow up scripts.

Lesson #8 Get your main weapon – discounts. How to sell with them on IG.

  • Discount as a bait

  • Gift discount

  • Lottery discount

  • Secret promo codes

  • Time-limited sale

Lesson # 9 Customer reactivation. Mailing by labels and notes for those who previously purchased.

  • Why your Instagram customers stop buying.

  • How to return "lost" clients.

The reactivation procedure + scripts.

Lesson # 10 – 11 Real cases of client relationship management. Top 4 mistakes and solutions that will help you beat the competition


  1. 10 mind maps ready to apply

  2. 34 templates for DM communication at every stage

  3. One convenient spreadsheet for managing a business based on CRM

  4. Set of 5 tools + bonuses

  5. Positive energy!

Enroll and start earning right now!

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