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How to Secure Funding for Your Start-Up Coupon

[82% Off] How to Secure Funding for Your Start-Up Course Coupon

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A step-by-step guide to securing investment for your start-up, including: Pitch Decks, Businesses Plans and Projections

2.0 hr
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In this course you’ll learn all about the world of fundraising for start-ups and businesses, and how to maximise your chances of securing crucial funding to help you launch, grow and succeed.

By taking this course, you’ll understand the whole start-up funding journey, including what type of equity finance or investment is available and what is most suitable for you. You’ll know exactly what is required to get funding, and how to master the key fundraising documents such as your pitch deck, business plan and projections. You’ll also learn how to pitch to and communicate with investors and understand key fundamentals such as how to value your business or decide how much it is you need to raise.

You’ll gain exclusive access to USEFUL GUIDES and TEMPLATES, giving you step-by-step instructions on:

  • how to construct the perfect PITCH DECK

  • how to master your executive BUSINESS PLAN

  • how to construct the perfect FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS that are required to secure equity investment.

I also reveal key tips and tricks to help maximise your chances and become more ‘investable’ as an entrepreneur and start-up.

With over 12 years of experience in finance, entrepreneurship, and fundraising - including having previously been an investor, banker, start-up mentor and entrepreneur - my aim is to now give others the best chances of securing funding for their start-ups or businesses.

My previous course on how to secure finance from banks is rated as 4.5 stars on Udemy.

Perhaps you're a serial entrepreneur looking to improve your skills and experience with raising finance, or perhaps you're a side hustler with a great idea and want to pitch it to investors to see whether you can get it off the ground - this course is designed to help with just that!

So, if you want your start-up to succeed and secure crucial funding from investors, then enrol now and take this quick, easy-to-understand step-by-step course. Thank you!

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