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كورس إنشاء وتشغيل مكتب ادارة المحافظ والبرامج والمشاريع
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Course Instructor:
Akram Elnagar
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[100% Off] How to run P3O portfolio , program , project office Udemy Coupon

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اذا كنت عايز تتعلم


مكتب ادارة المحافظ والبرامج والمشاريع وازاي بيشتغلوا مع بعض وايه النموذج بتاعهم وايه الادوار والمسؤليات لكل شخص بيشتغل فيه وازاي أشغله أنصحك بكل صدق انك تشترك معايا في كورس 


اون لاين على موقع يوديمي اللي حيجاوب لك على كل التساؤلات دي باذن الله وحتخرج منه فاهم ازاي تشغل مكتب ادارة المحافظ والبرامج والمشاريع وتشتغل فيه – الكورس تحت الاعداد وكل يومين بيتم رفع جزء منه ،  اضغط اللينك الان وشوف الفديوهات المجانية 

One of the major advantages of P3O is that there is a universally recognised set of examination standards – which are independent of the training providers . This e-learning course is equivalent to a 3-day classroom foundation course and as such should take 8 to 10 hours to complete. It provides a comprehensive introduction to P3O and is intended to provide delegates with sufficient information to sit and pass the foundation level examination. There are no prerequisites for those of you choosing to study for the foundation qualification. Indeed this course provides a suitable introduction to P3O for anyone with an interest in the portfolio, programme and project environment. Typical students may work in either a management or generic role, for example the Head of Programme Office, or in a functional role, such as a Finance Officer . Axelos Limited in the UK, who is the author of P3O in common with PRINCE2, MSP and ITIL, defines two levels of student examination – namely Foundation level and the more advanced Practitioner level.


Course contents

Module 1 – Course Introduction


Module 2 – P3O Services and Functions


Module 3 – P3O Models


Module 4 – Tools and Techniques


Module 5 – Roles and Responsibilities


Module 6 – Business Case – Why have a P3O?


Module 7 – Implement and Re-energise


Instructors: Akram Elnagar

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