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Let's learn how to read rhythm music notation to enhance your drum beat creations in your music software
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Fernando Pereira
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[100% Off] How to read music sheet DRUMS Udemy Coupon

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Hi, this is a music theory course that is focus on learning rhythm notation and how to read music sheet for drums. At the end of this course you will be able to read a entire drums music sheet of any song and play it into your Music Software.

Music has 3 parts, Rhythm, Melody and Harmony, let’s easily learn rhythm first and then, the melodic and harmonic part will be as easy as the rhythm part.

Learn music theory will help you be more creative, explore more rhyhtm styles and enhance your music creating more interesting drum beats! 

You will read any drum music sheet over the internet and create the best drum beats ever in your music software!

Instructors: Fernando Pereira

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