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How to Pitch Your Filmmaking Projects to Investors & Netflix Coupon

[75% Off] How to Pitch Your Filmmaking Projects to Investors & Netflix Course Coupon

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Learn to Pitch Your Screenwriting & Filmmaking Projects to Hollywood Studios/Producers, Netflix & Private Investors.

2.0 hr
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Join over 115,000+ students learning from our courses!

Whether you’re pitching yourself or your projects, if that’s how you perceive pitching, how can you possibly relax, have fun, feel comfortable, powerful and confident while you’re pitching.

Pitching should be easy, fun and natural. And in my webinar, the Formula for the Perfect Pitch, I’ll give you a whole new way to look at pitching… a completely different spin on it.

Pitching is simply ‘a conversation that enrolls someone into your vision is such a way that they want to come play with you’. So join me for my webinar as I go through the stages of how to perfect your pitch and have fun at the same time.

  • Learn how to present your ideas to a potential investor or film producer.

  • Learn a whole new way to look at pitching…a completely different spin on it.

  • Learn how to change your mindset on what successful pitching truly is.

This course will take you through a structured step by step process on how to pitch your ideas and indie film projects to potential investors, studios and producers!


What people are saying about IFH Courses: 

Suzanne has that rare ability to combine artistic creativity and smart business sense… she’s proven that by taking a SAG ultra-low budget and somehow squeezing out a quality film that looks like it cost a million!
Mark L. Smith (Screenwriter of The Revenant)

Suzanne is brilliant… take her workshop and put her suggestions to work and you’ll be amazed at the extraordinary results you’ll produce. This is a workshop not to be missed by anyone making a low budget feature!
Ross Grayson Bell (Producer - Fight Club)


Meet Your Instructor:

After producing a number of bigger budget features Award-winning film producer and best-selling author Suzanne Lyons thought producing the SAG ultra-low and modified budget films would be a piece of cake. Boy, was she wrong.

Wearing 100 different hats was a challenge and she learned so much. She wrote the best-selling book Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking And now she will be sharing all that great info with you.

Her films have been distributed by Miramax, Disney, Lionsgate, and ScreenGems. She has over 30 years experience in television and film, and she also conducts highly successful workshops on producing.


So what are you waiting for? Whether you are fresh out of film school, a new videographer who wants to create his/her own content this is the course for you . Join over 115,000 students that have already taken IFH filmmaking and screenwriting courses. 

If you've got the dream.

If you've got the drive.

If you've got the passion - but you're missing the knowledge and experience...this course will help you take your indie film, series or screenplay to the next level.

Enroll NOW and learn how to pitch your filmmaking & screenwriting project to investors! Let's get started!

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