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How to Perform and Deliver a Monologue Coupon
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[70% Off] How to Perform and Deliver a Monologue Course Coupon

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How to perform and deliver a monologue for examination, audition, competition or performance

3.0 hr
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This course enables the learner to develop their skills in selecting, rehearsing and delivering a monologue for examination, audition, competition or performance.

The course covers:

A description and definition of a monologue, How to select your piece, Understanding your character, Understanding the context, Creating a character, Vocal characterisation, Physical characterisation, Centering, Posture, Observation, Movement, Gait, Clarity, Pitch, Acting from the outside in and the inside out, Stanislavski, Breathing, Staging, Lighting and Sound, Props and Costume, How to introduce your piece and The day of the performance.

The learner may wish to watch the course section by section, actioning the suggestions and rehearsing in between sections. I would suggest watching the course in full and in chronological order, but of course this is a creative process so the learner may wish to pick and choose the sections they require in any order they wish.

This course can be used for a specific monologue, or to appreciate the acting skills needed in general. The course (or parts of it) can be watched again when a student is tackling a new monologue or a new character.

This course slants towards creating a theatrical monologue and understanding the playwright’s intentions, era and context. However, some skills may also be useful for screen acting.

This course is intended to be bought by parents/guardians, who will supervising the topics learnt and usage by students within this application.

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