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Duration: 2.0 hours

Develop a healthier relationship with yourself and your feelings of inadequacy and become comfortable in your own skin

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Are you struggling with shame? Do you often feel worthless, not good enough and not feeling like you belong? Does it stand in the way of having authentic relationships, being creative, really showing up at work or being in charge of your own life?

Well, you are not alone, but luckily you’ve come to the right place. Like you and many others out there, I too have struggled with intense feelings of shame and inadequacy, which kept me stuck for many years.

But the good news is there is a way out, there is an alternative to shame and that is what I want to share with you in this course on How To Overcome Shame and Improve Your Mental Health.

In this course we will learn together about:

  • How to identify shame and understand its mechanisms

  • How to debunk the well-known myths around shame and mental health

  • How to develop healthier habits, practices and behaviors in relation to yourself and to other people

  • How to build in time a sense of self-worth, self-love and self-empowerment

  • and most importantly, how to feel happy and worthy of love in your own skin

My name is Alex Glod and I will be your teacher in this course. I am a senior trainer, 3-times TEDx speaker and storyteller. For many years of my life I have struggled to accept my story of childhood abuse and rise above the inner narrative of self-defeat and shame. But with the help of the teachers and mentors I have met along the years, I have learned how to overcome my feelings of shame and to truly be by my own side, even when I was feeling ashamed and worthless.

It’s not an easy path, it’s different for everyone else, but nonetheless, it’s a path we can all walk on. A path that can help us feel at peace, joyful and free to be ourselves, at work, at home, in our relationships and in our communities.

Join me on this journey and let us learn together how to overcome shame and have a better relationship with ourselves. Sign up for the course now and see you in our virtual classroom.

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