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How to leverage your P&L like an MBA Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

Learn the power within the P&L to manage your business

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Failure to understand how cash flow affects your business or poor cash flow management is one of the leading causes of business failure.

How well you read and understand the story that your P&L is trying to tell you will dramatically improve your ability to make more money, keep more in profits and increase your businesses resell value.

This course will help you

  • quickly understand the parts of the P&L statement

  • compare your P&L with industry averages

  • show you how to analyze your P&L statements over time

  • create the powerful "Simple P&L"

  • unlock the secrets to managing the 4 inputs to increase your topline revenue

  • analyze price as a function of the "Simple P&L"

  • show you how to control Cost of Goods Sold

  • how to cut overhead costs resulting in higher Net Profits

As a bonus, we will also break down what it means to "Make a million dollars, Gross a million dollars and Net a million dollars"

If you want to leverage your P&L statement like an MBA without having to get an MBA and have this course pay for itself within the first few lessons.

Note: Although purchasing this course does  not constitute a formal coaching or consulting agreement, any communications about your particular business or financial situation will be kept in strict confidence.

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