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How to Give Great Online Sales Demos Coupon

[25% Off] How to Give Great Online Sales Demos Course Coupon

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Give Effective Sales Presentations that Convert

3.0 hr
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If you're selling software you're likely selling over online meetings using tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

What can we do to make these presentations convert into more sales?

How do we set these meetings up for success?

Most sales reps approach every meeting with the same tired pattern and show their solution to prospects without taking the individual prospects needs into account. Your solution may have one audience but it shouldn't be pitched to every prospect the same way.

The real key to success is asking questions and framing you sales demo around getting more questions answered so you can ensure that you solve deeper pains for your prospects.

The method taught in this course will allow you to run a sales demo in a way that gets your prospect talking. You will leverage past wins to create future success. From beginning to end the focus is on qualifying the prospect and moving towards next steps (scheduled follow up or closed won).

This course is great for sales professionals working in SAAS (software as a service).

You will learn to present like a pro and make the best use of you time in the demo. You'll also save time by setting up better qualified scheduled follow up calls.

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