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How to give affirmations more power with EFT Coupon
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[62% Off] How to give affirmations more power with EFT Course Coupon

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Break through beliefs that have been barriers to you living your full potential with Emotional Freedom Technique

1.0 hr
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How to give affirmations more power with EFT

If you have ever used affirmations, you already know that some work well and others just seem to have no influence on your mindset and life.

This is because using affirmations is an attempt to change a negative mindset to a positive one but sometimes that just seems impossible and the reason for this is when you say your affirmation deep rooted powerful negative beliefs block any chance of that affirmation working.

These beliefs could be just one or many that you have gained over a lifetime of different experiences in your life or could because of the way your family thought or even created in school or with friends and peers.

So what you are about to learn is a simple technique to apply and learn called EFT Emotional Freedom Technique a simple tapping technique that has been used for years helping to treat emotional issues.

You may think but why would a technique used on emotional issues help with affirmations, because when you say your affirmation out loud why is it that it does not change your mindset right away after all you really want that change.

The reason is when you say the affirmation you say it because you want a positive mindset to change and the reason for this is because at a subconscious level you have negative beliefs that stop that happening.

And when you add in EFT tapping you begin to dilute the power of that negative belief thought or idea even if you don’t know what it is, then empowering your new mindset affirmation once this takes root your life will begin to change.

What you will experience

  1. Welcome to making affirmations work for you

  2. Inroducing EFT Tapping Points and where to tap

  3. Start breaking down the barriers to self empowerment with EFT

  4. Opening up to positive change with EFT and affirmations

  5. Attract wealth into your life with EFT and affirmations

  6. Begin to trust that all your needs will be met with EFT and affirmations

  7. Love yourself and others easily with Affirmations and EFT

  8. Having a clear vision of what you want with EFT and affirmations

  9. Using your personal power correctly with EFT and affirmations

  10. Beat your fear and limitations with EFT and affirmations

  11. It is safe to live autheticly with EFT and affirmations

  12. Final Thoughts

Resources Found in final Thoughts Section

Emotional First aid on Tap pdf

EFT Tapping Points Instructions pdf

My Secret Tips pdf

Abundance intro mp3

Breathing Exercise mp3

EFT instructions & Disclaimer mp3

Release negative beliefs that sabotage your abundance mp3

mopping up section mp3

Bonus Wealth Attraction Guided Affirmations with EFT

  1. I am financially blessed and over flowing with money

  2. Money is easy to spend knowing I have more than enough

  3. Money is easy for me to save because its abundant in my life

  4. Money comes to me and I spend it as I wish

  5. My money mindset is full of inspiration and positivity

  6. I feel completely relaxed about money

  7. Having lots of money is naturally a part of my life

  8. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways

Bonus Self Empowerment Guided Affirmations With EFT

  1. I am loved

  2. I am a survivor and proud of my scars

  3. My retirement is totally secure

  4. I am safe and secure

  5. I am enjoying feeling better about myself

  6. The people in my life make my life feel full

  7. I am becoming a better me

  8. My home is beautiful peaceful and luxurious

  9. I am comfortable declaring my own worth

  10. I am a beautiful person inside and out

  11. I am enough

Bonus Abundane Guided Affirmations with EFT

  1. Abundance surrounds me in all aspects of my life

  2. I appreciate the abundance in my life

  3. I live abundantly knowing I have absoloute financial freedom

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