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How to Get a PhD Coupon
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[25% Off] How to Get a PhD Course Coupon

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Finding the Right Research Topic, Advisor, University, and Funding Options for Your PhD

1.5 hr
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How do you discover the right topic for your PhD thesis, choose the best advisor, and select the right University for your PhD research? How do you ensure that you get funding for your PhD without taking on student debt?

These are the first and critical steps in setting you up to succeed in your PhD quest.

This course will guide you through these steps so that you will be better informed to make better decisions in these key areas and help you achieve your PhD in the fastest and most effective way possible.

After completing this course you will be able:

1. To understand the process in how best to achieve a PhD for you

2. To identify the critical steps in selecting a topic for PhD research

3. Identifying the critical steps in finding the right advisor for PhD research

4. Critical analysis aiding in the process of choosing the right University for PhD research

5. To be aware of the funding options available for funding your PhD

5. To successfully navigate the PhD process by being more informed about what it involves

Led by leading academic and Oxford University Press author with over ten years of experience working in European centres for Higher Education, the course contains short videos, transcriptions, and an exclusive audio interview with Professor Inger Mewburn, a world expert on PhD research, author and founder of the popular Thesiswhisperer blog.

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