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How to FIND anyone’s business email address in 3mins or less Coupon

[100% Off] How to FIND anyone’s business email address in 3mins or less Free Course Coupon

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Learn how to find and validate anyone's business email address in 3 minutes or less using freely available tools.

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This course gives you the tools and process to find and verify anyone's business email address in less than 3 minutes using freely available tools. Improve your email prospecting with this handy process to find the right prospect and then find their email address and validate it.

What you will learn:

  • Why cold email prospecting is still effective today

  • Why email verification is vitally important to ensuring you're not caught in spam traps

  • The end to end process to find a prospect, get their email address and validate it all using free tools and techniques

  • How to use a free google sheet template we created to help you do the process at scale.

Why You Should Take This Class: This class is perfect for anyone in sales or conducting sales activities or prospecting in a B2B environment. The course will teach you how to get prospects email addresses without having to pay for expensive email lists (where the quality is usually not great) or pay for expensive email prospecting software tools that may not work in your niche.

Its super simple - we teach you how to find anyone'e business email address and validate it for free in under 3 minutes.

What you get from the course:

  • Links to two free tools to check your email sending reputation

  • Link to our Google Sheet template to guide you through the process

  • Links to other free tools that you can use as part of your sales email prospecting.

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