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How to Dress Your Best & Create Stylish Outfit Combinations Coupon
Personal Development

[73% Off] How to Dress Your Best & Create Stylish Outfit Combinations Course Coupon

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3 Steps to styling success - Helping women create outfit combinations and a style they love - With ease.

3.0 hr
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Wouldn’t it be amazing to open your wardrobe and easily put outfits together that flatter you beautifully and actually make you feel fabulous; rather than frustrated staring blankly at so many clothes and the stress building not knowing how to wear them?

In this course I’ve broken it down and share with you the 3-Steps to styling success so you always get it right, and highlight the common mistakes so you never get it wrong again, ensuring you create your own great personal style, and outfit combinations that make you feel amazing from day 1.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and never feel great in what you’re wearing

And day after day get frustrated because items you select don’t seem to work together, or on you

Which has you feeling deflated, unconfident and not really as you’d hoped, before heading off to work, meeting up with friends or for that all important date night

then this course was made for you!

After having children my body changed, and I struggled to put looks together that really filled me with excitement. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I couldn't get it right. And Pinterest only really added to the problem (me buying more items that also turned out weren’t right for me). So after another frustrating morning, wasting so much time contemplating options and still not being able to put a look together that actually made me feel great, I said, enough is enough. I wasn’t prepared to keep reliving the same stresses of my morning routine that clearly weren't working for me. I had to make a change, because I wanted more. I needed things to be better but also simpler.

So I enrolled with The London College of Style to learn the science behind Women’s Styling; not to become a Stylist at first, but to figure it all out for myself and really understand why some pieces looked right on me and others didn't, and what to do to fix it so they did. However I really didn't expect the results I feel today. I have experienced so much joy, and it has completely transformed my life, and also others I have the pleasure of working with, so I just can't stop there. I feel compelled to spreading this knowledge even further, so every woman can learn just how to create looks they love WITH EASE and start liking (and even) loving who they see in the mirror, and living a life more full, positive, confident and stylish.

The 3 step process will help you:

● Understand the most common styling mistakes and how to avoid them

● Discover your body shape - fundamental to uncovering what certain items do (and don’t do) for you, and how to work and style them to flatter you beautifully

● Learn how to put outfits together from your wardrobe and create looks you love and get you feeling fabulous.

Are you ready to say hello to the best dressed version of you?

To supercharging your personal style,

X Michelle

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