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Become your own brand

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You will learn how to create a profitable online fitness bootcamp geared for all levels. You will learn everything about how to set up your bootcamp from lighting to music , to program design and marketing. This course will provide you with the knowledge to be able to start your very own brand in the most cost efficient way. The course will walk you through the steps and give you the confidence to be able operate your own business. The world has changed based on the pandemic and several people have now opted out of going back to the gym environment and now want the option of workout in the convenience of their home. Many instructors have struggled with pivoting online because they just don't know where to start and what is needed.  Instructors and fitness coaches are faced with limited resources and up against larger online companies. This course will help you set up that program with very little overhead so that you can create that  profitable online fitness bootcamp.  This course will help you create your own system and ultimately your own brand. This course is geared more towards any level of fitness instructor. This course will help you become your own boss.

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