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Easy Steps That Plan Courses Students Want - The Resulting Outline Makes Recording Super Easy - 1500 students enrolled
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Ian Stables
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[100% Off] How to Create a Course Outline Fast – For Online Instructors Udemy Coupon

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  • More than 1,900 students already enrolled.
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Hi. My name is Ian Stables. I love to help online instructors become more successful.

This simple step-by-step method will allow you to create online course outlines easier and faster.

The method is designed to create the type of course many people say they want.

The structure also makes it really easy to record all your lectures.

Course outline creation is often taught as a complicated process. It doesn’t have to be.

I used to follow the common advice. Spend hours brainstorming. Try to come up with as much information as I could to include in the course. Then I would spend ages sorting it all into a logical order.

I thought about what it is students really want. What type of course do they really want?

When I had the answer, it became very clear how to create future course outlines.

I now find it a lot easier. I can quickly decide on a new course topic and then put together everything I need to teach.

It’s really easy when you have a simple plan. This is what this course will show you how to do.

All you need to do is follow each simple step. The last step in the process will make your course even more desirable to students.

To be successful, you need more courses. This is especially true on Udemy.

This method is easy to learn. Once learned, creating quality course outlines will be quick and simple. Just follow the steps every time you need a new course.

In addition to the method, I have also included some valuable extras.

You also get these bonuses:

– How to Create an Analogy

– The Best Picture Size for Slides

– Use Stories to Convince, Demonstrate, and Warn

Enroll now.

Instructors: Ian Stables

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