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Create a 5 figure writing business by working for "companies" and not small websites.
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Angshuman Dutta
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[100% Off] How To Create A 5 Figure Writing Business- 2020. ZERO SKILLS Udemy Coupon

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This course will show you how to create a profit pulling writing business by transforming yourself into a writing “company” from a freelancer and help you make more money than an average freelancer.

There’s a difference between a freelance writing business and offering writing services as a full fledged writing company. Its diffiult for freelancers to get consistent work and make decent money because the “trust” factor is missing when it comes to freelancers.

This course will show you how to present yourself as a full fledged responsible writing service providing business that your customers can trust. You will learn how to get high paying customers on board and also how to negotiate prices with them. These customers are not to be found on freelance websites and not only are these customers willing to pay good prices for quality writing but they are also going to provide you with consistent work.

You will learn how to identify the “writing needs” of your customers and also how to collect high paying writing orders from them without ever having to pick up the phone.

You will learn how to research your articles and write them super fast. The techniques used here will help you increase your output without increasing time spent.

If you want a full fledged writing business and enjoy and lifetime of passive spendable income, this course is for you.

Instructors: Angshuman Dutta

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