How To Choose Paint Colors: A Simple Guide For Any Space Coupon

[84% Off] How To Choose Paint Colors: A Simple Guide For Any Space Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

Everything You Need to Know to Start Choosing Paint Colors For Yourself

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This Course is designed to help anyone who might be struggling with the daunting task of choosing paint colors. This is for any space in your home or business!

You will first establish a foundation and learn the fundamentals of How Colors and Neutrals Work. This will include Color Theory, just enough to be useful when learning color for choosing Paint Colors.

Next, you will learn how to spot an Undertone, which is the color beneath a color or neutral. This is a very important thing to learn as this will be the most essential component that will affect your paint color choices.

You will then learn how to look at and describe color. Whether that color or neutral is warm or cool, clean or dirty, light or dark. And then you will learn how to correctly combine them and how to incorrectly combine them.

After this you will learn how to work around the different elements in whatever space you choosing color for. These elements will either be Fixed Elements (Elements that are fixed in place) or Movable Elements (Furnishings, Textiles, etc.) These will be the starting point of your color scheme.

After you have learned these foundational concepts, we will run through several scenarios that you might encounter in your home. Whether you are just starting over in your home or you have to work around what you have, there will be a scenario to help you navigate your way through to the perfect paint color. These scenarios will also help you choose colors for not only paint but also for furnishings and any fixed elements that you may want to put in a space.

Once you have applied everything that you have learned, you will then master how to choose the correct lighting in your space, the best paint sheen, and the do's and don'ts for painting ceilings and other areas of your home.

Then lastly, you will learn the easiest and most effective way to test your paint colors BEFORE you ever paint your walls!

I can't wait for you to join me!

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