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How to Become an Independent Publisher Coupon

[-325% Off] How to Become an Independent Publisher Course Coupon

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Learn how to publish books and ebooks using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and build your website for free all in one day!

3.0 hr
85$ 19.99$
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· FREE DOWNLOAD of "The Right Way to Self Publish" ebook.

· Adobe InDesign - Format your book's interior without the hassle of readjusting your page numbers and paragraphs. Create a manageable table of contents. Free 7-day download link included.

· Adobe Photoshop - Design a professional-looking book cover without paying an artist hundreds of dollars. Free 7-day download included.

· HTML Coding - Learn basic computer coding language so that you can better manage your website and format ebooks.

· Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - Go through a step-by-step process on publishing your paperback and ebook on one of the most popular independent publishing platforms. Sell your book on Amazon!

· Xlibris Publishing - Explore Xlibris' website to discover if it's the right independent publishing platform for you.

· Lulu - Explore Lulu's website to discover whether or not it's the right independent publishing platform for you.

· Copyright Registration – Learn about protecting you and your clients' published works and registering them to the Library of Congress.

· Ebook Publishing - Learn how to format your manuscript for ebook publication on Word. Also, learn how to format and save your manuscript as an .epub document on Google docs.

· Audio Book Publishing - Learn about publishing your book on audio.

· Facebook/Instagram/Twitter - Get an idea about how you can use social media to promote your books and/or publishing business.

· Wordpress - Discover what you need to know about creating a website through Wordpress.

· Yolasite - Learn how to create a website for free in less than 15 minutes!

· Plan Your Book Tour - Learn how to organize a book signing tour, write a press release, a bio, a 30-second sales pitch, and manage your book inventory.

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