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Duration: 6.0 hours

unlock your creative genius and achieve your goals

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You will know exactly how to achieve your highest creative potential after completing this course.

All of the tools, perspectives, and insights you need to attain creative genius are thoroughly covered in this course.

This course is designed to not only teach you how to reach your maximum creative potential, but also how to achieve your goals. In other words, this course also thoroughly covers the sciences and other hard-won insights that are related to goal completion.

All of the course topics are taught in a way that makes the digestion of the lessons as easy as possible.

This course is also presented to you in an entertaining and visually stimulating way.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • You will learn why you are much more creative than you currently believe yourself to be.

  • You will learn precisely what creativity is and why it is necessary that you develop it within yourself.

  • You will learn easy things that you can do to noticeably boost your creativity.

  • You will learn how to assess your current level of creativity so that you can judge for yourself how your creative ability is improving.

  • You will learn how to practice the strategies that famous creatives use to create their best works.

  • You will be informed of tools that will both boost and supplement your creative ability.

  • You will learn how to use your body, your thoughts, and your perspectives to noticeably boost your creative ability.

  • You will learn how to utilize your environment to drastically improve your creative ability.

  • You will learn about all of the things that reduce your creative ability. This information is provided so that you can become aware of what to watch out for in your life experiences.

  • You will learn the relevant neurological sciences. For example, you will be taught about how to use the brain’s natural design to boost your creative ability, accelerate the mastering of skills, and achieve your goals.

  • You will be taught how to follow through on your creative goals to completion. A major theme in this course is to not only teach you how to boost your creative ability, but also how to achieve your goals. On this specific matter, you will learn about the biological and psychological factors that influence our ability to complete a goal. This course contains numerous lessons that explain the exact ‘whats’, ‘whys,’ and ‘hows’ of goal completion. In short, by the conclusion of this course you will not only know how to boost your creative ability, you will also firmly understand how to achieve your goals.

My name is Peter Simon. I’m an author with a master’s degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s degree in English & Creative Writing. I’ve always had an obsession with uncovering Creativity’s secrets. My diligent study has taught me that creative ability is a skillset. My research and experience have convinced me that all of us possess enormous creative potential. All we require are the right tools, perspectives, and strategies in order to unleash our creative genius. This course contains all that you need to know to achieve your highest creative potential.

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