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Hidden Passive Income: Staking Cryptocurrency Coupon
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[25% Off] Hidden Passive Income: Staking Cryptocurrency Course Coupon

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Learn how to build sustainable passive income from staking cryptocurrency

3.0 hr
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Welcome to Hidden Passive Income: Staking Cryptocurrency course. Here, in this course you will learn and explore unknown secret of generating sustainable passive income from cryptocurrency by staking your asset for certain period of time which normally ranging from months to a year and as a reward for staking your asset which contribute to stability of the blockchain network, you will get APY (Annual Percentage Yield) ranging between 5% to 20% depending on crypto that you stake and platform which is being used to stake. In addition to APY, you can also potentially get another benefit from capital gain where the amount of cryptocurrency asset that you hold increases by value within your staking period. This particular method suits the most if you are currently looking for long term investment with low to medium risk. It would be obvious to claim that the risks associated with cryptocurrency staking are definitely lower compared to cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, this course will prepare you to understand all things that you need to know about cryptocurrency staking, you will learn detailed analysis on risks associated with staking, what are some best platforms to stake your cryptocurrency asset, extensive training on how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis to evaluate a future prospect of crypto before making decision to do staking, small market cap vs big market cap comparison, full step by step tutorial on how to set up digital wallet and stake your crypto asset on several different platforms. At the end of the course, we will also learn about APY and APR calculation to estimate the predicted amount of profit you can generate after staking your cryptocurrency asset for a certain period of time.

First of all, before getting into the course, we need to ask this question: why should I take cryptocurrency? And what’s the difference between staking and holding a cryptocurrency asset for the long term investment? Well, if we are talking about holding crypto asset for long term, the only possible way to make profit is through capital gain where you hope the value will increase over time by and that’s obviously not guaranteed since there is also potential for the value to decrease, however, when it comes to staking cryptocurrency, there are two possible ways to make profit, the first one is guaranteed and the other is not guaranteed. The one that is guaranteed is through fixed APY where you will be rewarded with a certain percentage of your initial investment and meanwhile the other one that is not guaranteed is through capital gain since the price fluctuates, it can increase but it can also decrease. Hence, by doing so, you are maximising your income from the investment you made. Lastly, for people who are new to cryptocurrency with limited knowledge about this field, there is nothing you should worry about since this course will teach you from the perspective of beginners.

Below are things which you will learn in this course:

  • How staking cryptocurrency works

  • Risks associated with staking

  • Technical analysis for staking

  • Fundamental analysis for staking

  • Small vs big market cap comparison

  • APY & APR calculation

  • Step by step tutorial on how to set up digital wallet (Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet)

  • Step by step tutorial on how to stake cryptocurrency assets on Trust Wallet, Binance, and Kucoin

  • Alternative passive incomes from cryptocurrency other than staking

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